On Thursday, 12 November 2020, the Cluster Portugal Mineral Resources and the Centre for Robotics and Autonomous Systems – INESC TEC, with the support of EIT RAW MATERIALS & TEC4SEA, organized an online Workshop entitled “New Challenges in the Mineral Raw Materials Industry: Safety, Digitalisation, Technology & Innovation”. This event was held within the framework of the Raw Materials Week 2020, with the purpose of emphasizing the importance of the mineral raw materials in our everyday lives, and to discuss the strategies to be pursued to guarantee a constant supply of raw materials in Europe.

Several projects were presented, with a focus on digitalisation in mining, smart solutions, mineral processing, and others. The event was divided in two main Sessions, and the participants included stakeholders of the mining industry, company representatives, SMEs, start-ups, universities, research institutions, experts, and other players of the sector.

In this opportunity, Norbert Zajzon – project coordinator of UNEXUP – was invited to talk about the project in the first Session of the event, as one of the ongoing EIT RawMaterials projects. The presentation covered overall information about the project, its relationship with the precedent UNEXMIN (funded under the Horizon 2020 programme), the objectives, developments of the robotic platform, and the expected achievements within the next years of implementation. In addition, Norbert introduced the 26-minute UNEXMIN documentary that was released earlier this year, which shows the background and concept of UNEXUP as well. 

A total of 78 participants were watching the presentation and learned more about the latest updates on the project.

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