Molnár János cave

Hungary – June 2021

After the successful accomplishment of the Csor well mission, the team moved to the next UNEXUP field work site: the Molnár János cave, which is also in Hungary (Budapest).

The mission in Molnár János had the purpose of further testing some of UX-1Neo functionalities, sensors and navigation in a real-life environment. The site is a complex underwater structure – which makes mapping and navigation a challenging task for the robot.

Due to the sensors and instruments installed in the robot, it was able to navigate efficiently, and produce spatial, geological, and structural data from the cave – which was being monitored in real time from the control room.

The structural information collected during the dive allow geoscientists to determine the directions of the faults and fissures on the rocks, which control the openings and passages in the cave. The post-processing and interpretation of these data make it possible to plan further exploration!

Watch the YouTube video below to learn more about the mission: