Articles, news, interviews, blog posts and other external sources of information that refers to UNEXUP.


(In Hungarian) “UNEXMIN, UNEXUP – autonomous diving robots can detect water-flooded mines, coordinated by University of Miskolc”. The Project Coordinator, Norbert Zajzon, was interviewed by NOVUM – a Hungarian TV channel. It was broadcasted on 17th of May, on M5 TV channel. The interview is now available online on

UNEXUP and UNEXMIN are mentioned from (18:48) in the video.


UNEXUP was mentioned among the “The latest Petrological and Geological News”, by Henrique Tono. The author referred to the Technical Requirements post from the UNEXUP webpage.


This source referred to the “News” post made by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT).


The European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) published a “News” post about UNEXUP on their website. The post covers information found on the March 2020 Press Release, such as the relationship with the predecessor project – UNEXMIN; objectives; additional robot that will be developed; commercialization of the technology; and the consortium partners that are working on the project.


The EIT RawMaterials, funding consortium of the UNEXUP project, has published a news post about the project. It refers to our first Press Release – available on the Downloads page – which covers information about the project’s objectives, background, ambitious targets, technological challenges, overall strategy, as well as the contact persons.


(In Hungarian). An interview published by Babinszki Edit on Tudá website. The UNEXUP researchers Máté Koba and Zoltán Papp Richárd talked about the project’s objectives, challenges and technological developments of the UX-1 robotic platform.