WP0 - Market strategy and business development portfolio
  • Market analysis
  • Strategic plan for commercialization
  • Business plan development
  • Customer relations
  • Business risk management

    Go-to-market and business strategies will be defined in 2020, updated accordingly during the project’s lifetime.
WP1 - Technology upscaling and development
  • Commercial upscaling of UX-1 prototypes
  • Development of a modular deep water prototype
  • Further development of scientific instrumentation and tools
  • Extending robot exploration capabilities
  • Ground control station and ground support systems
  • Post-processing software upgrades
  • Testing components

    UX-1Neo at the end of 2020; a new, more complex robot (UX-2) in 2021; additional functionalities and higher operational level in 2021.
WP2 - Pilots
  • Pilot selection
  • Field trial preparations
  • Field trial reports
  • Operations improvement
  • Geoscientific evaluation
WP3 - Project management

Project management will guarantee that the project’s tasks, deliverables and outcomes are met in due time throughout the project, in line with the description of work, and in accordance with EIT RawMaterials guidelines.

WP4: Communication, dissemination and outreach
  • Communication and dissemination management
  • Outreach support toolkit
  • Increasing market interest