18 November 2022

Nemo33 | Rue de Stalle 333, 1180 Uccle
Brussels, Belgium

The UNEXUP project, funded under EIT RawMaterials, is a direct continuation of the Horizon 2020 UNEXMIN project. While in UNEXMIN efforts were made towards the design, preparation and testing of an innovative exploration technology for underground flooded mines, in UNEXUP the objective is to launch the technology into the market, while further improving the system’s hardware, software and capabilities.

The objective of our field trials is to provide selected clients the opportunity to unlock the mysteries of their flooded sites and to demonstrate the capabilities of the UX robots in real-life conditions to the wider mining community.

In UNEXMIN we already demonstrated that our technology can flexibly address even the most challenging requirements and needs of the mining community and other sectors that can potentially benefit from the technology. In UNEXUP we extend those capabilities and are developing the technology into a commercial service. Now we are looking for deep pilot sites, over 1 km deep, where we can test the capabilities of UX-2.

CONTACT UGR: info@unexmin-georobotics.com