18 November 2022

Nemo33 | Rue de Stalle 333, 1180 Uccle
Brussels, Belgium


The UNEXUP project, funded by EIT RawMaterials, is going to hold its final conference in Brussels – Belgium, on 18th November 2022. In this event we intend to present the project outcomes, robotic development, field missions, commercialization and more. In addition, the participants will have the opportunity to presence the UX-1Neo robot in action, at the Nemo33 diving pool!

The UNEXUP Final Conference expects the participation of project members, companies in the raw materials sector, cave exploration companies, SMEs focusing on geological consultancy, experts on robotics, and academic stakeholders.

Registration is free!

Live demo of UX-1Neo!

UX-1Neo will be deployed in Nemo33 pool, and the participants will be able to see it in action through the conference room during a coffee break. In case you were present in the H2020 UNEXMIN (2016-2019) final conference, this demonstration was done with the novel UX-1 robot (predecessor of UX-1Neo), in the same venue.


Representatives of UNEXMIN GeoRobotics Ltd. (UGR), commercialization partner in UNEXUP, will present about their achievements, field missions, and future plans of the company – beyond UNEXUP!


Nemo33 – Rue de Stalle 333, 1180 Uccle. Brussels, Belgium



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