Last week, on 25 November 2020, the UNEXUP and UNEXMIN projects were presented in an online lecture for the students of Instituto Superior Técnico – TÉCNICO LISBOA. The audience of the presentation was the students of the Mine and Geological Engineering degree, who had the unique opportunity to learn more about the innovative robot-based technology that was developed in UNEXMIN, and is under further development within UNEXUP.

The presentation started with the introduction of the UNEXMIN project (2016-2019), predecessor of UNEXUP. Students and professors of TÉCNICO LISBOA understood the background of the project, as well as the advancements in the robotic technology, the field trials, and main achievements. Pictures of the robot and the test sites, as well as short videos of the pilot tests were also shown in this part of the presentation, which allowed the audience to have a better understanding of how the technology works and what it can do.

Afterwards, the UNEXUP project was introduced as the direct continuation of UNEXMIN. The new objectives and scope of the project were presented, as well as the envisaged developments in the robotic platform. The commercial focus was explained, followed by the introduction of the company UNEXMIN GeoRobotics, which is leading the go-to-market strategy, business plan and pilot tests within UNEXUP.

The whole presentation ended with the UNEXMIN documentary movie, which can be watched on the UNEXUP YouTube Channel.

The presentation had 12 attendees, who, together with the professors, asked questions about the robotic technology and its new instruments, the possible future applications, and how the exploration service will be commercialized to the target markets.

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