On April 22nd the UNEXUP consortium had an e-meeting in order to discuss the current situation of the project’s activities, mainly regarding the risk mitigation measures due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing and travel restrictions made the UNEXUP partners think about alternatives and adjustments in the workplan for the time being.

Two distinct scenarios were considered, in terms of quarantine restrictions: mild and severe. The consortium developed different strategies for both situations, in order to maintain the line of work based on the pre-established timeline. The strategies were focused on the main milestones to be reached by the UNEXUP team this year.

The main outputs for 2020 are the upscaling version of UX-1, with improvements in the software, hardware and capabilities of the robotic system; and the first pilot test, in order to test the robot’s performance under real-life conditions. The envisaged pilot test will be the first opportunity to demonstrate how the UNEXUP technology performs, and how it can add value to projects related to underwater surveying/mine mapping.

Because of the COVID-19 situation, the project partners will meet online regularly in order to align the workplan based on the current scenario, and prepare the next steps accordingly.

Stay home, stay safe!

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