Would you like to learn how to drive an underwater ROV in flooded mines or caves?

If so, then get involved with the UNEXMIN GeoRobotics’ (UGR) training program. The program is in its development stage and UGR offers a unique opportunity to participate in this exciting new adventure. The UNEXUP consortium members have the skills to operate underwater vehicles in the most difficult of flooded environments. Through UGR we would like to share our experience with valued customers through an ROV training program that will ultimately see you controlling the advanced underwater vehicles being developed in UNEXUP!

The rough outline of the training program has already been developed and will be rolled out in 2021. The program contains:

  1. Theory part: How ROVs are built, the general components, potential difficult situations that can be encountered, types of navigation systems and more.
  2. Simulator training: For operators to get familiar with the controls and data feedback, as in-house practice.
  3. Real-life training: This last part of the training will involve different ROVs in increasingly difficult environments such as a pool, open water, and tunnel, shaft or cave.

In order to cover – and exceed – the expectations from future operators that are interested in the Training Program, UGR would like to receive input and comments from you. What would you like to do and experience during the training?

If you are interested in this program, please get in touch with UGR now: Feel free to ask questions, provide suggestions or comments regarding your interests in the upcoming ROV Training Program.

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