The UNEXUP project was represented in the recent PDAC 2020 exhibition in Toronto, Canada. Elements from LPRC and UGR represented the EIT RawMaterials project towards potential customers, in one of the biggest mining-related encounters in the world. During four days, the representants introduced and discussed with potential customers and interested parties of the technology, to raise awareness and commercial interest to the UNEXUP technology.

The feedback gathered was very welcome. Mining companies were especially interested in the services that are provided by the UNEXUP technology, and technology developers were impressed with the technological achievements of the UX-1 based platform. The UNEXUP team now expects to turn the interest gathered during the conference into real case businesses, a goal always stated by the project personnel.

UNEXUP will continue the development and upgrading of its platform’s capabilities, hardware and software. At the same time, the project members – especially UNEXMIN GeoRobotics – will continue to raise commercial awareness and interest to the unique exploration technology for flooded mines and other underwater environments.

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